About the Symposium

“The North American regional symposia represent a natural outgrowth of the fruitful conferences we have organized and hosted in Finland for the past fifteen years.”

- Father Ivan Moody, ISOCM Board Chair

In 2020, the International Society for Orthodox Church Music is partnering with St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary to host its third regional music conference in North America.
SVS Institute of Sacred Arts

The 2020 Symposium brings together those interested in Orthodox liturgical music both locally and from around the world to share their knowledge, learn from experts and practitioners, discuss topics related to church music, and to sing in workshops and liturgical services.

“Our hope is the North American Symposium Series will provide opportunities for those in the English speaking world to gather in discussion, sing, and learn from each other,” according to Father Ivan Moody.

“By growing in our knowledge and understanding of liturgical music, participants can better understand its purpose and apply it to parish life, making melody in song well-pleasing to God.”

The Seminary, through its Institute of Sacred Arts, and the Society are very excited to co-host the event, bringing together presenters from both organizations, including other leading experts in the field of Orthodox liturgical music to provide an unparalleled gathering for learning and sharing among singers, directors, chanters, composers, hymnographers, researchers, musicologists, and those who love Orthodox chant and choral music.

Other ISOCM events include biannual international conferences held at the University of Eastern Finland's Joensuu campus and regional symposia and conferences held in the Czech Republic and North America on an alternating biannual schedule. Other SVS events include the annual Fr Alexander Schmemann Memorial Lecture, the Sacred Arts Initiative, and conferences exploring theological and art related themes.

This third symposium builds upon these regularly organized events and the two previous symposia hosted by the ISOCM in Minneapolis, Minnesota in June 2016 and 2018.

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